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Indiana Department of Natural Resources

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All timber from Indiana State Forest Properties is Certified Wood by both the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Purchasers of State Forest timber may market state forest timber products as certified if they have the appropriate Chain of Custody certificate.

FSC Certificate Number: SCS-FM/COC-00099N
The FSC claim: FSC Pure
SFI Certificate Number: NSF-SFIS-6L841-S1

Click below for the results of recent sales on state forest properties:

Numbers following the property name are listed sequentially within that year.

2012 Sales

Yellowwood 1209 Clark tornado salvage

2011 Sales

Jackson-Washington 1106 Jackson-Washington 1107 Jackson-Washington 1108
Jackson-Washington 1109 Jackson-Washington 1110 Jackson-Washington 1111
Jackson-Washington 1201 Jackson-Washington 1202 Jackson-Washington 1203
Jackson-Washington 1204 Jackson-Washington 1205 Martin 0601-2
Martin 0707, 09, 10 Martin C7 Salvage Owen-Putnam 1101
Owen-Putnam 1102 Owen-Putnam 1103 Yellowwood 1107
Yellowwood 1111 Yellowwood 1118 Harrison-Crawford1105
Harrison-Crawford1106 Harrison-Crawford1107 Harrison-Crawford1108
Harrison-Crawford1109 Harrison-Crawford1201  

2010 Sales

Yellowwood/Morgan-Monroe1005 Yellowwood/Morgan-Monroe1006 Jackson-Washington1002
Jackson-Washington1003 Jackson-Washington1004 Jackson-Washington1005
Owen-Putnam1001 Clark1001 Yellowwood/Morgan-Monroe1007
Yellowwood/Morgan-Monroe1004 Yellowwood/Morgan-Monroe1009 Jackson-Washington 1105
Jackson-Washington 1101 Jackson-Washington 1102 Jackson-Washington 1103
Jackson-Washington 1104 Martin 0501 Martin 0704
Martin 0503 Martin C5 Salvage Owen-Putnam 1002
Owen-Putnam 1003 Owen-Putnam 1004 Yellowwood 1102
Yellowwood 1103 Harrison-Crawford1002 Harrison-Crawford1003
Harrison-Crawford1004 Harrison-Crawford1005 Harrison-Crawford1006
Harrison-Crawford1007 Harrison-Crawford1101 Harrison-Crawford1102
Harrison-Crawford1103  Harrison-Crawford1104  

2009 Sales

Clark0903 Ferdinand0903 Ferdinand0904
Ferdinand0905 Harrison-Crawford0905 Harrison-Crawford0906
Harrison-Crawford0907 Harrison-Crawford0908 Harrison-Crawford0909
Harrison-Crawford0910 Harrison-Crawford0911 Harrison-Crawford0912
Harrison-Crawford0913 Harrison-Crawford1001 Jackson-Washington0906
Martin0904 Jackson-Washington0904 Yellowwood0911
Yellowwood0912 Salamonie0901 Yellowwood0914
Yellowwood0915 Yellowwood0913 Yellowwood0917
Clark0905 Yellowwood0916 LTB Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood0919
Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood0920 Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood0918 Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood0922
Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood0923 Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood0921 Greene-Sullivan1001
Jackson-Washington1001 Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood1001 Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood1002
Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood1003 Martin1002 Martin 0408
Martin 0203 Harrison-Crawford1001  

2008 Sales

Greene-Sullivan 11/12/08 Morgan-Monroe 8/21/08-A Morgan-Monroe 11/20/08-A
Greene-Sullivan 12/30/08 Morgan-Monroe 8/21/08-B Morgan-Monroe 11/20/08-B
Jackson-Washington 11/18/08-A Morgan-Monroe 8/21/08-C Selmier 7/8/08
Jackson-Washington 11/18/08-B Morgan-Monroe 8/21/08-D Selmier 9/16/08
Martin 12/17/08-A Morgan-Monroe 8/21/08-E Yellowwood 11/20/08-A
Martin 12/17/08-B Morgan-Monroe 8/21/08-F Yellowwood 11/20/08-B
Martin 12/17/08-C