Road and Trail Maintenance

Water bars must be maintained to work. 

Road maintenance should be done regularly. It usually can be performed with logging equipment, farm tractors, and/or hand tools. Inspect and maintain erosion control and water diversions frequently. Your maintenance responsibility includes public road ditches affected by your activity. Make sure this maintenance is done even during periods of work shut down.

General Guidelines:

  • Avoid using roads during wet periods if such use will damage the road drainage features or cause excessive rutting, erosion or other site damage.
  • Keep public roadways clean of mud and logging debris.
  • Clean dips, culverts, and crossdrains; repair ditches to prevent erosion and sediment delivery into waterways.
  • Clear away even minor obstructions that may have accumulated in drainage structures (especially culverts).
  • Smooth edges that develop on road surfaces if they'll trap water.

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