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Update: July 21, 2017


NOTE: Ground bees (yellow jackets) are being observed throughout the Knobstone Trail. If you are allergic to bees or sensitive to their sting please be prepared in the event you are stung.

To avoid seasonal high water, sections of the Knobstone Trail along Spurgeon Hollow Lake, specifically between the Spurgeon Hollow Trail Head and mile marker 44s (2016 map version) have been permanently relocated.

The Division of Forestry is a multiple-use system. Please be aware of hunting seasons and what season may be open at the time of your hike. A majority of the Knobstone Trail travels through areas open to public hunting. Users of the Knobstone are encouraged to wear bright clothing (e.g., hunter orange, etc.) or other articles to ensure safety at all times of the year.

With the removal of trees in the tornado area, timber harvested sections have become over grown with green brier, tree seedlings, and weeds, etc. To follow the KT through these sections, there are marks with two different color posts. Orange color marks the trail in the tornado area. Brown color marks the trail in the timber harvest sections between US 56 to Oxley Trailhead.

Attention: Please check the below section for the current re-routes of the KT including a printable map.

NOTE: If you are aware of any adverse trail conditions on the KT, please let us know. Contact Jackson-Washington State Forest. Please be specific of type of hazard and location.

Trail Re-Routes

The Knobstone Trail has a few temporary re-routes that will affect your hiking at this time. This restriction is due to the timber management areas located in the Jackson-Washington State Forest and Deam Lake Trailhead area.

  1. The new temporary Deam Lake Trailhead is located on the eastside of the dam on Wilson Switch Road. Look for the Deam Lake Trailhead sign. Note, the first quarter-mile of the KT is shared with a horse trail. Click here to see map.
  2. The KT will be temporarily closed between mile markers 41 (just after, at E Pull Tight Road) and 42 (just before, at Mailroute Road) for public safety due to a timber harvest on Jackson-Washington State Forest. A re-route has been identified and is in place. See map for details. Once the harvest is complete, the trail will resume its original path. Click here to see map.

We will keep you posted on the status of each section. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during these projects.


Knobstone Trail Maps

Knobstone Trail Map Cover

The NEW 2016 Knobstone Trail map is now available!

Maps can be purchased at the DNR customer service center by calling 317-232-4200. The maps are $10.00 plus 7% tax each and includes shipping. They are 24" X 36" on waterproof paper and are printed in full color.

The following pdf files are about 7.0MB. So please wait while it is displaying the maps. These are the same maps that can be bought from DNR.

Maps can also be purchased near the trail at Clark State Forest, Jackson Washington State Forest, Deam Lake SRA, Starve-Hollow SRA, and Delaney Park.



Knobstone Trail
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Knobstone Trail
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For more information on the Knobstone Trail, contact:

Jackson-Washington State Forest
1278 E. S.R. 250
Brownstown, IN 47220
(812) 358-2160
(812) 358-5837 Fax