Pre-harvest Planning

Maximize profit and minimize water pollution by pre-harvest planning.

Meet with the landowner and/or forester to locate roads and skid trails, and discuss best management practices to implement.

General Guidelines

Use maps and site tours to make note of:

  • Property boundaries
  • Streams and drainages
  • Critical areas subject to rutting and erosion
  • Existing roads and trails
  • Proposed haul road and skid trails
  • Stream and drainage crossings
  • Log landing locations
  • Caution signs needed along public roads
  • Buffer zones for streams and other sensitive areas

Also note:

  • Road and trail specifications
  • Harvesting equipment needed
  • Best time of year to operate
  • Timber sale contract requirements
  • Special planning for wet areas
  • Obstructions and special areas to avoid

For more information about pre-harvest planning and environmental regulations contact:

DNR Division of Forestry
402 W. Washington Street Room W296
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-4105

DNR Division of Water
402 W. Washington Street Room W265
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-4160

Natural Resources Conservation Service
6013 Lakeside Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46278-2933
(317) 290-3200

U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps can be obtained from:
IDNR Map Sales
402 West Washington Street Room W160
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2742.
(317) 232-4200

Topo maps are also available at many sporting goods stores.

Soil Maps may be viewed at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office in each county or purchased from the NRCS state office.

Aerial photos may also be available or viewed at NRCS offices or county auditor's or surveyor's offices