Sudden Oak Death

Wilted ShootA disease known as Sudden Oak Death, caused by the fungus-like organism, Phytophthora ramorum, has been potentially introduced (not known) into Indiana through exposed nursery stock. This pathogen is devastating to oaks but also affects several other plant species. This pathogen does not effect humans or animals.

Indiana has established an emergency quarantine of California nursery stock susceptible to Sudden Oak Death.

People in Indiana that have ordered plant genera known to be susceptible to Sudden Oak Death from any California nursery are prohibited from receiving that material until the California nursery has been inspected and shown to be free from the Sudden Oak Death pathogen by the USDA APHIS PPQ or California Department of Food and Agriculture using the federal inspection protocols.

If you have already received plant material from California which includes one of the regulated genera in the list provided, you must do two things:

  1. Remove that material and any intermingled plants from the sale.
  2. Have the DNR inspect the material and release it.

You must contact the DNR and let us know that you have nursery stock that needs to be inspected.

Please read the Notification of Indiana Emergency Quarantine of California Nursery Stock, and the Indiana Emergency Quarantine, for complete details.Bleeding Trunk

For more information contact:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology
402 West Washington Street, Room W290
Indianapolis, IN 46204 

Telephone: (877) 463-6367
Telephone: (317) 232-4120
Fax:           (317) 232-2649

You can obtain additional information from the USDA APHIS Sudden Oak Death Hotline at: (888) 703-4457

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