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Indiana Firefighter Training System Audio Presentations

  • Audio Cast - John Buckman with David Probo - Fire Officer Strategy and Tactics Certification Course New Training Curriculum (listen)  Run Time = 10:05

  • Audio Cast - Health and wellness issues faced by firefighters today (listen)  Run Time = 14:37
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  • Audio Cast - John Buckman with Denis Waitley (listen)  Run Time = 43:28

  • Audio Cast - John Buckman with Janet Wilmoth, Tim Wall, & Fred Windisch (listen)  Run Time = 11:44

  • Audio Cast - John Buckman with Fred Windisch & David Page - of the Ponderosa Fire Department, Houston, Texas (listen)  Run Time = 28:24

  • Audio Cast - John Buckman - Comments at the National Fire Academy (listen)  Run Time = 5:48

  • Audio Cast - Firefighter Training Issues Facing Fire Service (listen)  Run Time = 24:57
    Chief Alan Brunacini and Chief Billy Goldfeder discuss firefighter training issues and the future issues facing the fire service with Chief John Buckman while attending the Firefighter Near-Miss stakeholders meeting in San Diego.. This is the first in a series of audiocasts developed by the Firefighter Training System in partnership with the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association and the Indiana Fire Instructors Association. You can download this audiocast and play it on a variety of digital music devices including your computer. The file is a windows media file.