Thunderstorms are very prevalent during the summer months in Indiana. They can produce large hail, flash floods, heavy rain, lightning, strong winds, and tornadoes. Thunderstorms can last only a few minutes, but have the strength and power to cause a great deal of damage.

Thunderstorm Fact Sheet


Thunderstorm Watches:
Conditions are favorable for thunderstorm to appear.

Thunderstorm Warnings:
A thunderstorm is occurring or about to occur in your area.

During a Thunderstorm

  • If a thunderstorm is coming, postpone or cancel outdoor activity.
  • Do NOT go near tall trees or any other tall objects.
  • Seek shelter inside a building or in a hardtop vehicle, but don't touch any of the metal inside.
  • Do NOT use the telephone.  Stay away from other electronic devices, bare metal, and water.
  • Do NOT go near downed power lines.
  • Keep your eye on the sky and listen to weather reports on the radio or TV.
  • If caught out in the middle of a large body of water, return to shore as soon as possible. Get off the water immediately.
  • When caught in the middle of an open field: If walking with others stay a minimum of 10 feet apart, keep low and move quickly to seek shelter. If there is no shelter lie in a ditch or get to the lowest place around.