Get Involved in Your Community


When disaster strikes and there are no emergency personnel around, what will you do? Being prepared by getting involved in many of the local community programs is a start. By knowing what actions to take, and when they should be done can save lives and property as well. Here at Indiana Department of Homeland Security we strongly encourage you to become an active member in the community. Here's how:

First Aid

During a disaster, emergency personnel will probably be overwhelmed. It could take days for them to get to you or your loved ones. Knowing first aid could save someone's life. To be trained in first aid, classes are offered through many different sources throughout the state of Indiana. It definitely is a valuable skill that should be learned. Knowing first aid is one way that members of the community can get involved.

Citizen Corps (CERT)

Citizen Corps (Cert)

Citizen Corps brings together leaders from law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical, emergency management, volunteer organizations, the private sector, and local elected officials to form Citizen Corps Councils. These Councils provide local oversight for engaging citizens in homeland security and for promoting community preparedness and family safety in three principal ways: through public education and outreach, through training opportunities, and through volunteer programs that draw on special skills and interests.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

This program coordinates volunteer health professionals, and others interested in public health issues, to provide ongoing support for community public health needs and resources during large-scale emergencies and is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Neighborhood Watch (NW)

Neighborhood Watch (NW)

This is a program that incorporates terrorism awareness and education into its existing crime prevention mission and serves as a way to bring residents together to focus on disaster preparedness and training. NW is funded by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and administered by the National Sheriff's Association (NSA).

Volunteer in Police Service (VIPS)

Volunteer in Police Service (VIPS)

VIPS provides support for resource constrained police departments by incorporating civilian volunteers to give law enforcement professionals more time for frontline duty. Funded by DOJ, VIPS is administered by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

National Volunteer Fire Council

National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC)

The NVFC and the Volunteer & Combination Officers Section of the IAFC proposed the establishment of Fire Corps, a national program to provide citizens with opportunities to support their local fire departments that are non-suppression related. Fire Corps is an opportunity for fire departments to reunite with the citizens and for the citizens to reunite with the fire department and to strengthen the relationship between the firehouse and community.