Presentation on Electronic Filing - htm

Acceptable Drawing Type Files

TIFF (Group 4 Compression)

  • Smaller File Size
  • One File Represents One Plotted Sheet
  • Many Large Format Scanners Generate This Type of File
  • Can be Generated Directly By Other CAD Systems


  • Small Efficient File Size
  • Entire Submission Can Be Included in One PDF (20MB limit per upload)
  • Requires the Purchase of "Adobe Acrobat Software"
  • Read Only

Preparing Your Information to E-File

  • Scan or Draw Professional Seal & Signature
  • Import into CAD File
  • Set Up Pens to Grayscales (as if you were plotting to a b/w printer)
  • Plot to File (one sheet per file)
  • Create index using notepad
  • Scan in Signed Application Forms
  • PDF, JPEG, Word, or Tiff
  • No More Than 200 DPI
  • If You Can't Read It on Your Monitor, Plan Review Can't either
  • Check Your Finished Product to Make Sure Drawings and Application Form are Legible on Screen
  • File uploads cannot exceed 20 mgs. per que (multiple uploads per filing)
  • Submit to Plan Review at
  • Autodesk Viewer - Free Downloadable
  • Adobe Acrobat - Software for Purchase That Allows You to Create PDF Files