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Make a Branch Appointment

Save time and schedule a branch appointment today! There are two appointment options available – driving skills exam and transactions.

Make sure you select the right appointment for your specific need.

What type of appointment do you need?

Driving Skills Exam

Schedule a Driving Skills Exam (Driving Test)

Driving Tests may be scheduled up to three weeks in advance. Please select a branch to view and schedule available times.

Branch Transaction Appointment

Schedule a Transaction Appointment

Branch transactions appointments may be scheduled Tuesday through Friday up to six months in advance.

You can complete the following transactions during a Branch Appointment:

Up to five of the below transactions may be completed during one appointment.

  • Driver’s License and State ID Renewal
  • Vehicle Registrations (Up to Three Indiana Vehicles)
  • Title a Vehicle (One Indiana Vehicle or One Indiana Watercraft)

You cannot complete the following transactions during a Branch Appointment:

  • Reinstatements
  • Written Examinations
  • Commercial Driver Licenses
  • Initial Driver Licenses, State ID Cards, or Permits
  • Dealer Plates
  • Out-of-State Registrations

Please Note: Driving test (driving skills exam) appointments do not include written exams or other BMV transactions. You cannot make an appointment to take a written examination.

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