Fiscal Year 2005 Individual Artist Program Grantees

The Individual Artist Program grant supports individual artists for specific project-related costs. Eligible projects are purposely left flexible to respond to artists' ideas, dreams, and needs, however, the goal of this program is to aid the artists' career development.

Iveta Asons, Fishers, 2005
To help with the purchase of three types of Lithuanian lap-zither, called "kankle" for the artist to use with the Indianapolis Baltic Folk Music Ensemble.

Karen Baldner, Bloomington, 2005
To attend verbal dialogue meetings, pay for material costs, and a technical consultant for a project entitled Reconciliation Dialogue.

Victoria Barrett, Indianapolis, 2005
To allow four weeks of concentrated, full time writing to complete part II (of three) of a novel in progress, Four Points Gin.

Charlotte Battin, Columbus, 2005
To professionally film and produce a video/DVD of a one-woman drama the artist has been performing for the past year.

James Bednarski, Fishers, 2005
To attend a two-week internship with Michael Fortune at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking (MASW) in Franklin, Indiana.

Grace Benedict, Lafayette, 2005
To create fully developed drawings and works on paper based on studies from life and photographs of views of monuments and statuary from several historic and architectural sites in Indiana.

Zackery Bent, Muncie, 2005
To support the creation and exhibition of 15-20 digital photographic art montages with the purchase of a Minolta 35mm digital camera.

Edward Bernstein, Bloomington, 2005
To help with the expenses of two solo exhibitions of the artist's work at Anchor Graphics, Chicago in October 2004 and the School of Fine Arts Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington in January 2005.

Scott Brewer, Indianapolis, 2005
To publish 150 copies of a 45 page book of the artist's poems with a working title of "Indiana Instinct and Everyday Blues."

Maurice Broaddus, Indianapolis, 2005
To finish a collection of short stories tentatively titled "Tales from the Terrordome."

Mary Burks, Indianapolis, 2005
To have a web site designed and implemented for the artist's work as well as the purchase of a digital camera for the artist.

Douglas Calisch, Crawfordsville, 2005
To purchase a dust collection system for the artist's studio.

Stacy Campbell, Indianapolis, 2005
To conduct research at a mental facility in Georgia, secure an editor for critique and editing for a novel detailing one African-American woman's battle with clinical depression.

Melodie Carr, Muncie, 2005
To create a dual-vision book for Braille and sighted readers to be presented in a touchable exhibition.

Bernie Carreño, Indianapolis, 2005
To create a sculpture installation piece in the Clowes Gallery at the Indianapolis Art Center running from September 3 through October 10, 2004.

Suzie Coles, West Lafayette, 2005
To attend an advanced level field workshop with Doug Johnson at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Elizabeth Dalton, Farmland, 2005
To revise and submit for publishing a novel "Cabin Creek," about a woman coming to terms with herself once she relocates to a small Indiana town following an estrangement from her husband.

Douglas David, Indianapolis, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To take instruction in a forty plus hour plein air landscape class with John Osborne.

Dawn Deahl, Granger, 2005
To enroll in summer and fall sessions of advanced ballet and other dance classes at the Lou Conte Studio, home of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

D. DelReverda-Jennings, Indianapolis, 2005
To create a series of seven 3' x 4' to 4' x 6' 3-dimensional mixed media portraits of Indianapolis minority artists entitled "Distinct Perspectives" for exhibition through the spring of 2005.

Lenny Dowhie, Evansville, 2005
To purchase and install a professional slab roller and tile maker.

John Fillwalk, Muncie, 2005
To support the design and production of two single-channel video art works and one sculptural video installation to be exhibited locally and in several state and regional venues.

Edward Francis, Lafayette, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To purchase 5 blowpipes and upgrade the burner system on the glass furnace in the artist's studio.

Scott Frankenberger, West Lafayette, 2005
To create a 30' x 6' tile mural for permanent installation at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley, CA.

Helen Frost, Fort Wayne, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To go on a research trip to Barra and Mingulay for a novel about two sisters who are separated during highland clearances in Scotland.

Carol Gabany, Terre Haute, 2005
To increase the level of public knowledge of the art of egg carving by developing an egg carving demonstration program for children, a color brochure and to purchase an air compressor, a high speed carving tool and eggshells.

Lydia Gerbig-Fast, Fort Wayne, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To purchase enameling equipment and supplies to expand and improve the capabilities of the artist's studio.

Joshua Gilley, New Albany, 2005

To complete 2-3 outside murals in downtown New Albany, IN by purchasing paint, brushes, rollers and other supplies for involved artists.

Kay Grimm, Indianapolis, 2005
To capture in book form the stories of those who live, work and play on the Massachusetts Ave of downtown Indianapolis told using their own words, their images and the found objects which together inspired the artist's "installation" art.

Kathleen Hacker, Camby, 2005
To present a two concert series of the works of Joseph Marx to be presented at the National Association of Teachers of Singing National Convention in New Orleans in 2004 and also at the Christel DeHann Fine Arts Center in November 2004, with possibilities of presenting at campuses throughout Indiana.

Michael Hall, Indianapolis, 2005
To create a series of five abstract limestone sculptures approximately four feet high by purchasing carving tools, sandpaper, Indiana limestone, heating for the artist's studio, photocopying services and postage, and to support the artist's time to create the sculptures.

Abner Hershberger, Goshen, 2005
To develop a brochure for the artist's work, titled "Field Notes: The Art of Abner Hershberger" to accompany an upcoming art exhibit in Spring 2005 at the Midwest Museum of American Art (MMAA) in Elkhart, Indiana.

Jeanne Hutchinson, Poland, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To set up desktop publishing to produce brochures and postcards for promotion of the artist's work locally and nationally.

Andrea Jackson, Coatesville, 2005
To create eight jewelry pieces influenced by the classic car, street rod and Indy race car designs.

Petar Jankovic, Bloomington, 2005
To arrange music by three prominent Latino-American and Spanish classical music composers, hire musicians, record and publish a CD of the arrangements.

Jennifer Jensen, Zionsville, 2005
To complete a children's novel, intertwining a historical setting, time travel and mystery and submit it for publication.

Corey Jefferson, Indianapolis, 2005
To create a body of 15 pieces of work in sculpture and wall pieces composed of found objects and fabricated clay elements based on the theme of "Urban Fossils."

Alonzo Johnson, Indianapolis, 2005
To develop a series of lectures regarding "Life on the Avenue" (Indiana Avenue) for youth and adults by funding guest musician/lecture fees, facility rental and presentation material.

Joshua Johnson, Indianapolis, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To explore and develop the use of letterpress in the creation of a handmade book about "The Spidletons".

Sarojini Johnson, Muncie, 2005
To create five color 16" x 20" intaglio prints of the influence of the artist's cultural heritage.

Kelly Koehler, Indianapolis, 2005
To convert an available space into a professional studio for the artist.

Robin Kraft, Lafayette, 2005
To make a teapot from a new silver material recently developed in Japan.

Louie Laskowski, Brookston, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To purchase materials, pay for shipping artwork and partial payment for an artist retreat at Ranchito San Pedro in Espanolo, New Mexico where the artist will create 20 Plein-air paintings.

Debra S. Levy, Fort Wayne, 2005
To finish writing and editing several long stories, to be added to the artist's short story collection, "Numerology and Other Stories," to submit the manuscripts and a revised collection containing the new stories for publication.

Amy Locklin, Indianapolis, 2005
To draft a collection of related stories also marketable as a novel entitled "A Market for Blondes" and submit the works for publishing.

Tamara Loewenthal, Bloomington, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To take workshops and private lessons in French Canadian step dance, at a weekend event called "Danse-Niege."

Patrick Manning, Indianapolis, 2005
To create a series of digital and daguerreotype photographic artworks of sites of historical or memorial importance to Indiana.

Charlene Marsh, Nashville, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To design four tufted fiber rugs featuring the mandala.

Nina Marshall, Selma, 2005
To create six oil paintings, three 4' x 6' and three 3' x 4' of objects placed in landscapes on the artist's farm in Muncie.

Don Marvel, Bloomington, 2005
To build three copies of an original music instrument, called "Bass Box."

Craig McCormick, Indianapolis, 2005
To create 24-30 photomontage images of a body of work to reflect memories and emotions of life specific to the 20th century.

Katie McDonald, South Bend, 2005
To help with the distribution of a 16mm black and white silent film, "You Knew Me Once Before."

Lori Miles, Greenfield, 2005
To purchase a drawing machine for an installation titled "Accumulations".

K G Miracle, Birdseye, 2005
To create a series of paintings, the BAAB project, by funding a Platt map of the country, driving expenses, painting supplies and the printing costs of a brochure for exhibition at local libraries, starting in Crawford county.

Marcy Neiditz, Bloomington, 2005
To purchase a "clay slab roller" for the artist's ceramic studio to facilitate the production of ceramic sculptures and hand built functional vessels for a new body of work.

Kathleen O'Connell, Indianapolis, 2005

To create four pieces of 30" x 40" watercolor and color pencil panels that use human figures as allegories for the four seasons.

Charlotte Paul, Bloomfield, 2005
To print a full color brochure-CD package of the artist's stained glass art.

Elke Pessl, Bloomington, 2005
To create three large-format digital prints that incorporate photographic imagery generated through a camera-less technique.

Yelena Polyanskaya, Bloomington, 2005
To create a website promoting the artist's work.

Daniel Powers, W. Terre Haute, 2005
To professionally record several of the artist's compositions for eventual production and release of a CD.

Patricia Rhoden-Bartels, Nashville, 2005
To purchase building materials for screens, and to publish brochures and cards to promote the artist's work.

Mark Richardson, Indianapolis, 2005
To do testing of materials and processes that would be used at Earthbound Potteries (New Zealand), including hiring a technical assistant and purchasing materials to conduct research.

Nicholas Ring, Jasper, 2005
To develop a website in order to reach a larger audience and client base.

Richard Rodgers, Fountain City, 2005
To produce a photographic documentary with a working title of "Traveling Close to Home: Wayne County, Indiana" about the people and places in Wayne County, Indiana.

Timothy Ryan, Indianapolis, 2005
To fund capital improvements to the artist's studio, specifically a high capacity American Art Clay Company Excel electric kiln with cone-10 firing capacity and all peripheral shelving and stilts.

Maura Schaffer, Lafayette, 2005
To complete three life-sized dinner table sculpture pieces.

Andrew Scott, Indianapolis, 2005
To purchase a laptop computer for researching, revising and writing a novel These Little Town Blues.

Elizabeth Shea, Bloomington, 2005

To create a choreographic work while working collaboratively with a composer, musicians, dancers and a visual artist.

John Sherman, Indianapolis, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To produce a book of short fiction and creative nonfiction with a working title of "Truth and Lies: Fiction and Nonfiction of a Hoosier Childhood" and to apply for a residence at the Mary Anderson Center in Southern Indiana.

Barbara Shoup, Indianapolis, 2005
To assist with travel costs allowing the artist to travel to schools and libraries throughout the state promoting her third Young Adult novel, "Vermeer's Daughter."

Elizabeth Smith-Meyer, Fort Wayne, 2005
To write a fictional, novel-length manuscript for middle-grade readers.

Arlyne Springer, Noblesville, 2005
To secure a studio, purchase art supplies, and transportation expenses in searching for resource materials.

Amelia Stamps, Monroe, 2005
To purchase a small computer test kiln to conduct experimental glaze research.

Tom Stio, Bloomington, 2005
To photograph professional and academic dance companies by funding travel, printing and framing costs so that the photographs may be exhibited in Bloomington and at least two other Indiana cities.

Susan Suraci, Fort Wayne, 2005
To paint a series of ten large (36x36 inches or larger) acrylic-on-canvas paintings that feature vintage trailers still found in the lake communities of Northeast Indiana.

Ginny Taylor-Rosner, Indianapolis, 2005
To attend a workshop "Creating Your Own Photographic Book," by Joyce Tenneson at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, Maine from August 1-7, 2004.

Carmen Tellez, Bloomington, 2005
To help defray the cost of the first of several musical performances in distinguished Indiana buildings.

R. Thomas Tedrowe, Columbus, 2005
To purchase a 5 horse power professional wood shaper for the creation of a group of three different blanket chests.

Hakan Toker, Bloomington, 2005

To perform solo piano recitals around Indiana.

Rosemary Trubitt, Bloomington, 2005
To purchase a sewing machine, and produce 4 quilted pieces to be donated to Monroe County teachers through their Resource Center.

Dante Ventresca, Indianapolis, 2005
To purchase toolboxes and materials to be used in workshop instruction and in rehearsals for the artist's theatre projects.

Bronislava Volkova, Bloomington, 2005
To produce a book of poetry, create a CD from the book and to perform the poetry for audiences at the John Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington as well as in Indianapolis.

James Werner, Delphi, 2005
To sponsor a studio space at the Lafayette Renaissance Academy for one year for establishing a not-for-profit realistic drawing and painting educational program named Lafayette Atelier.

Denise Wilson, West Lafayette, 2005 (Also a 2003 recipient)
To produce a recording (CD) of traditional French music.

Cheryl Yun, Lafayette, 2005
To produce 10 sculptures completing a series entitled "Cheryl Yun Collection: Fragmented Identities" and show the artist's work at the VPA Gallery at Purdue University and in Indianapolis.

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